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Regarding time to upgrade in Ek.
Ek is having 4203 pilots total as per sep.2017. Through many years hiring around 500 pilots per year. 2015 550 pilots. 2016 350 pilots, and only 120 pilots so far this year.
Things are slowing down here. Maybe 20+ aircraft parked up, and new arriving aircrafts replacing older aircrafts.
Since the company has become extremely cost cutting oriented Im sure they will not upgrade unless needed. 100-200 pilots leaving a year, with a few retirements along them. Basically the pilot work force has declined by around 50 this year in total.
So unless things are going to change over the next coming years with regards to expansion, which I truly doubt, given the marked today, a new joiner is looking at a upgrade time very close to the good old days in other normal carriers.-long long time.

I think most ek pilots will agree to this, at least the number above is dead on facts, so you can do your own math if you fancy.
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