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Following on from Danny's Thread drift.
Grads appeared at the Towers early 70's. At that time the only incoming telephonic communication from the outside world was by telephone to the College Hall porter, who would then tannoy the potential recipient ( and the rest of RAFC ) to come to his desk to take the call. The problem was dress code, as we were supposed to be either in uniform, or suits, to walk the hallowed halls ( apart from Sports afternoons).
The question was raised at a CHM meeting in 1973 . "If I am in the shower, am I supposed to hurriedly dress in a suit in order to dash down to take a call?"
The (IIRC) Wg.Cdr. Eng.PMC's response was very conciliatory.

"Not at all. Under those circumstances ,Sports Jacket and Tie is perfectly acceptable."

I leave you to guess the reaction from the assembled throng.
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