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SHY - Riggers pulled it on me! The other time I 'just crept over the fence' was on my CFS(H) acceptance ride with the Boss - we were running in towards Ternhill, I pulled the throttle on him. He entered auto, looked at the airfield, looked at me, folded his arms and said 'I want nothing to do with this'.
I like your Boss's style!

My saving grace after my student "franged"us (only the slightest touch, your Honour) at Ternhill was that the new Sqn Cdr (in post only that very day) and his student Cat 3'd their aircraft 100 yards away some twenty minutes later. Very much like CG did after their Norwegian whiteout episode, I eventually gave them a lift home to Shawbury and I think theirs went back on a low-loader.
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