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Originally Posted by Jet II View Post
There is no doubt that calling the election and running the campaign they did was a massive error - but she did actually increase the Tories share of thf vote (for the 3rd election running).

If the Tories can increase their support with such a bad campaign and sub-standard leader then if they get their act together they really dont have that much to fear.
Exactly the point I have made on several occasions.

Nothing short of promising Free Disneyland tickets to one and all could improve on Jezza's Moneytree "promises" so the only way Labour are heading is down.

The Tory's under Mrs May cannot possibly do that badly again so for Labour things do not look to good, and if you add in the real potential the Jezza is in his job for the long run you can certainly understand the pain being suffered by the Labour voters out there.
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