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" My point in my original post was that I am sick and tired of hearing people bang on about pensioners being rich! And that point stands. I do remember vaguely a letter from the pensions peole giving a breakdown of how they calculate the amount. I don't remember specifics just now but I do remember things such as SERPS coming into the equation

Kelvin D.....you original point is more than valid as I'm sure you are only too well aware. Real world economics are usually beyond the understanding of several JB contributors however.

By all means check you details but, frankly, have your N.I.number to hand and give the DWP a call. I found them remarkably helpful when I was doing my own state pension projection and they gave me a very accurate breakdown of what I could expect. Don't bother with the website calculator.

Meanwhile, here's Dave, globetrotting to address those who were spared, or are seemingly oblivious to, his tenure and incompetence as the predecessor to the soon to be the next ex PM.


I like the bit about "making significant contributions in their respective fields " ( this may come in useful for Theresa with her affinity for wheat ) but with Dave it's difficult to know where to start....."austerity", social engineering, screwed up the UK for years to come with a certain referendum.....he certainly made his own " significant contributions "....

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