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" The current basic state pension seems to be 122.30 per week, paid every four weeks (not monthly), for those born after 6th April 1951. For those born before 6th April 1951, the state pension is 159.55 per week, again paid every four weeks, not monthly.

In the ceaseless effort to impress, using more than a touch of plagiarism albeit eloquently re written as most, if not all, of these" pearls of wisdom" can be readily found in their original forms or have even been produced on here, it's always nice to read such unadulterated ( rude name for testicles ) being offered as...... facts.

Sadly, the "before and after " April 6th 1951 dates are somewhat relevant here as to the amount you can expect to receive. This detail thoughtfully underlined above.

Not that it's that simple however. Depends on numerous factors / personal circumstances / past employment / gaps in contributions....to name but a few.
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