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Good to hear the SWISS flights are well patronised. As CCR says, its great to see demand has required an A320 on a few occasions, the CS300 has been in too, I think. Hopefully that will mean some frequency increases for next year. SWISS are an excellent airline, ZRH is a very civilised transfer and the SWISS lounges are lovely. I really do think the ZRH flight will be one to watch. There is strong O&D on that route, mainly pharma.

Fingers crossed for SWF. As I said, Im slightly skeptical of Norwegians intentions. That said, Im sure Aer Lingus / IAG will be reacting with fury to Norwegians attempts at SNN and ORK. BA are launching all sorts of routs from Gatwick if Norwegian do, so we may yet see an A321LR at Cork, once they are delivered. IAG seem determined to strangle Norwegians ambitions at making long-haul low-fares work. If they succeed it won't be good for customers, in the end.
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