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Spot on my friend. A fuss over nothing that has put a smile on my face. Some folk really need to lighten up a little before they bust a blood vessel.

I have eyes and see daily the people that come and go from Eastern Europe flying Wizz over the years. It started off with mainly young males. Then wives and girlfriends arrived who then started families or whole families arrived with their children. Many of them then brought their parents and other relations here to settle as well. I only have to pass the many Eastern European shops in Luton or visit my local ASDA to see the ages of these shoppers. Some of them are quite elderly and are clearly grandparents pushing pushchairs.

It seems a reasonable comment to make that if no immediate family are left in Eastern Europe then travel back to their homeland will be reduced. If that fact has upset a few nasty people here I won't be making any apologies so if you don't like my comment then it is tough.

As for my other comment no sense of humour comes to mind but then spiteful people are not noted for their sense of humour and just want to silence those who see the world differently

If anyone else would like to insult me then send me a pm, as I quite like a giggle from those that like to huff and puff with indignation

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