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Originally Posted by magicmick View Post
A bit of a kick in the teeth for those that have committed an eye watering sum of money to start training at Oxford or FTE only for L3 to strike up an exclusive (for now) deal with BA. Maybe the deal will get expanded to include other schools.
It might be a kick in the teeth to a few, but if you're basing which school to go off purely by the remote chance (considering the amount of whitetails through the doors) of getting into BA then you really haven't got all the marbles, people have their good reasons for going to the various schools.

This isn't even new news, it's simply re-iterating what was said at various careers days since the Spring, you only have to read up the forum to see that L3 is simply regurgitating.

Hopefully one day BA FPP will return for real, this new whitetail cadet recruitment has no bearing or relation to the former. It's a shame it goes against the old FPP principle of training pilots "irrespective of financial circumstances."
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