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Originally Posted by A320ECAM View Post
There is quite a lot of misunderstanding about this so I will clear this up once and for all.

UK Law dictates that anybody working at a point of sale service under the age of 18 years cannot legally sell alcohol unless authorised by an employee who is older than 18 years.

So the fact that this cashier is not allowed to sell alcohol because of his age is a load of dog. If he is 17 years old, another cashier (or colleague on the shopfloor) would be allowed to authorise the sale with a quick thumbs up or "yes that's allowed".

This law is to a) protect the minor from selling alcohol to underage shoppers and b) protect the company from the minor selling alcohol to his/her underage friends.
A more erudite, in parts, statement that agrees with my own.

However, there are times when I've experienced a very long wait for an under age checkout person to be authorised. At one supermarket I used to use it was pretty commonplace for most of the checkout staff to be part-time, under-18's on a Saturday morning. There was usually only one supervisor trying to look after a dozen checkouts, and apart from authorising the sale of alcohol (which seemed to include having to use some sort of electronic tag, physically touched to the till) that same supervisor also had to deal with the inevitable scanning errors etc that came up (and I suspect there may have been more of those as a consequence of the relative inexperience of the young checkout staff).

As a consequence, I would try to select a checkout that looked if it was operated by someone over 18, even if the queue was a bit longer, because that was frequently a lot less hassle than waiting at another till for authorisation.

As an aside, has anyone ever spotted a supermarket checkout sign saying that pork, or pork products, won't be handled at that till? Many more people have a religious prohibition against touching or consuming pig products than practically anything else.
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