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Originally Posted by VP959 View Post
I agree that the notice is poorly worded, and suspect that the intention was to state that the till in question could not sell alcoholic beverages, something that is quite lawful, if the rationale is there (till staff under 18, for example).
There is quite a lot of misunderstanding about this so I will clear this up once and for all.

UK Law dictates that anybody working at a point of sale service under the age of 18 years cannot legally sell alcohol unless authorised by an employee who is older than 18 years.

So the fact that this cashier is not allowed to sell alcohol because of his age is a load of dog. If he is 17 years old, another cashier (or colleague on the shopfloor) would be allowed to authorise the sale with a quick thumbs up or "yes that's allowed".

This law is to a) protect the minor from selling alcohol to underage shoppers and b) protect the company from the minor selling alcohol to his/her underage friends.

Simple. Now stop playing the age card on this subject because it is clear that this Muslim didn't want to sell alcohol to Joe Public.
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