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VP959: Seldom do I disagree with your, normally well balanced views, but not on this one.
Take the English point. "No alcohol is able to be served on this till". What sort of English is that?
Should you find yourself in the hypothetical long queue situation, when the shop assistant refuses to serve you, you would surely stand your ground and demand a manager attend. I can pretty much guarantee the manager would complete the transaction for you. If that didn't work, you leave the entire cart full of shopping, pay for nothing and go elsewhere.
As for discrimination; I believe your eample might be showing discrimination against the product, not you. If the sign said "people under 1.75m tall (or with brown hair etc), will not be served, then that would constitute discrimination against the person.
As for after shave and shampoo, in the 1970s one frequently encountered the duty loonie in Customs at Jeddah, tipping out part of the after shave bottle and sniffing suspiciously. Their attitude seemed to mellow over the years.
Finally, as I said earlier, a licenced retailer of alcoholic beverages may serve or refuse to serve anybody. And no reason needs to be given. If they say "No", then "No" it is and you can not argue.
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