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Originally Posted by le Pingouin View Post
"Makes no difference" - so you claim. Based on what exactly?
Not the words I used, if this was aimed at me.

My point is that if someone has a religious objection to handling a particular substance, even when packaged, then it matters not what that substance is incorporated into - the objection for them is to handling the substance; they have no way of knowing how it may be used.

The alternative is that the person is trying to impose their belief upon others, over the use of that substance for a specific subset of purposes, and that is, in my view, wrong, and quite possibly discriminatory and unlawful as well.

It's common knowledge that those addicted to alcohol will seek out ways to imbibe the stuff by unconventional means. Drinking aftershave, or other non-beverage products, as a way to become intoxicated is pretty well documented, for example.

So if this person on this till is on what amounts to a crusade to prevent intoxication from alcohol, then their wish, supported by their management, needs to be complied with properly, and indeed that sign clearly states that no alcohol should be sold by them; the form that alcohol takes is not mentioned - it is a blanket ban on the sale of the substance.

If the person on the till is Muslim, then I suggest that they should go and talk to their Imam, and learn what the Qur'an actually says about intoxication, and the meaning behind the prohibition on imbibing intoxicants. It's pretty clear, even for a non-believer like me to understand, and it most definitely does not preclude the handling, or use, of alcohol as a substance.

Finally, what about our other religions that preach temperance? As mentioned before, the Salvation Army put a great deal of effort into dissuading people from consuming alcohol, and do not allow any of their followers to do so. However, in the decades that they have been active in our society I have not once heard of a case where a Salvation Army follower has taken action like this till operator. Why is that?
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