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I would dispute the "no discrimination" argument. Say you are waiting to check out, and there are long queues at the tills. You get half way along the queue, then spot the "no alcohol" sign on the end (that will have been hidden by those ahead of you in the queue). You then have to leave the queue and join the back of another one, adding more delay to your shopping trip. That is discrimination, plain and simple.

Or, take another example. You are queueing at the tills, and haven't bought alcoholic drink. Your shopping is scanned and the till operator refuses to pick up the bottle of shampoo, or can of deodorant, or any one of a dozen or more other items you may have bought, on the grounds that they contain alcohol, a substance that is not forbidden to handle, or even use externally, by any religion I'm aware of, but which this one person has extremist views about. That is also discrimination, as you would be forced to repack everything back into a trolley. wait whilst the transactions were backed out, then go back and queue at another checkout.

This is going to force everyone in that store to read every label on every product to be sure that they are not buying something that contains alcohol. I've just done a quick look around our house, and identified that shampoo has it in, as does aerosol deodorant, foot spray, mouth ulcer treatment, mouth wash, kitchen cleaners and car de-icing spray. I dare say there are many other products in the house that contain alcohol, too, ignoring beverages.

It might be interesting to walk around that store and find out just how many products that till operator had decided not to handle, on the basis that they contain alcohol. I would happily bet that many of them may well be found in his/her own home...............
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