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Labour could turn against Heathrow expansion
Labour leaders could vote against allowing a third runway to be built at Heathrow due to environmental concerns about pollution.

The government wants to go ahead with Heathrow expansion but a final vote will not be taken in the House of Commons until 2018.

Labour has acknowledged the need for extra runway capacity in the south-east but has raised questions about the potential pollution and reduction in air quality created by Heathrow expansion.

Party sources have told the Financial Times that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is likely to vote against Heathrow expansion. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell is also an opponent of a third runway.

One Labour source told the FT: "It has to pass our tests and no one here expects that to be likely”; while another said: “If the vote is any time soon there is no way we would back it, mainly on the basis of air quality, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon."
Labour could turn against Heathrow expansion | Buying Business Travel
Flip flop flip flop

Same with brexit.

"Blair and Gordo are OUT of the frame."

True but suggesting, as Skipness did, that mentioning them to the Sainted Jeremy will get him to back R3 is.... mistaken IMHO. He's viscerally against ANYTHING & EVERYTHING the two muppets were behind
Those "two muppets", masters of indecision, procrastinated, prevaricated and dithered just like those before and since, hence Cameron and his Libdem mates getting the opportunity to scrap it.

I was suggesting that a Labour govt approved expansion on the grounds of jobs and the economy, something a lot of people in the wider party and more importantly the unions, strongly support.
Dear oh dear, the unions and most Labour MPs support Heathrow expansion.

How much more environmental damage would building Boris island cause than just building R3 ?
Good question, but academic, Boris Island will never be built, even in the unlikely event of Boris becoming PM.
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