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Flew to Cork via Zurich on SWISS. Was expecting to fly on the Bombardier C Series to Cork but seems the flight was overbooked so flew on an A320 which was practically full. Wouldn`t be surprised if this route is extended all year long. Zurich is a great hub to connect and would be great for Munster skiers too.
The Capt warned on the PA to expect braking due to the "short runway in Cork". Was a bit of a sketchy landing but a nice service overall.
The Dublin Airport Authority have no current plan for even a modest extension of the 17/35 runway in Cork. It is possible to extend it towards the south.
The DAA are rightly planning a parallel runway for Dublin airport however Cork airport seems to be a bit of an afterthought for them.
If Norwegian don`t introduce the Cork-New York service due to the runway limitations at Cork, it should be time that Cork airport be enabled to realise its full potential and become independent of the Dublin Airport Authority.
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