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After forty seven years of flying which has mostly avoided flight over water in SEP's I had reason to visit friends abroad. Whilst not comfortable with the idea I figured that the statistical chances of silence settling in on the last 70 miles of a 270 mile trip were about the same as having a car accident driving to the airfield.

As previously mentioned. Once risk has been assessed then it should be mitigated as much as possible before being undertaken so I set about sourcing a raft, flares, marker dye, specialist food and water along with water proof bags for the phones, multi tool, space blankets (to double as radar reflectors) and making sure the first aid kit was part of the ditching kit and then spent several days researching videos and reading rather harrowing tales of survival...........and I was only going to Jersey!

Which brings me to a more type specific question.

Where do you carry a liferaft in a PA28 or any low wing one door aircraft?

I have a Survival Equipment Inc TSO approved four person raft (Type II) along with a grab bag for the survival kit.

The best solution I have come up with is to stow the raft on the floor behind the front passenger seat with a bungee cord (using caribiners each end) attached between the chair leg and inflation handle so that my wife can open the door, roll right, kneel on the walkway and use the seat back for support as she moves it forward enough to extract the raft and hurl it backwards before pulling the final notch to inflate just aft of the wing.

I follow and lift the grab bag from the rear seat lifting it over the seat belt (which has been restraining it) and throw it into the raft before joining her.
We have practiced this blindfolded and fully realize that we are still hoping for miracles but as both of us are ex-airline crew used to SEP drills and procedures we feel we have done our best bar doing a full inverted dunking course (which my wife did many years ago)

Your thoughts are appreciated.
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