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A four engine jet to fly one computer chip.
2 live white tigers (very sedated - I stroked one!)
A drill shaft for the oil industry. It fitted in a 747 with an inch to spare. (The loader mentioned it had been designed to fit the 747).
Llamas and deer from AMS to DXB.
5 tonnes of used banknotes - which went straight into an incinerator on arrival at destination.
A prisoner who was wrapped from neck to feet in gaffer tape. (They were taking no chances with him).
2.5 tonnes of gold in hold 5 of a 747 which didn't appear on the manifest for security reasons. (Made the rotate very quick).
110 tonnes of Hong Kong 10 dollar coins. The aircraft looked mostly empty as the pallets were loaded to about 4 ft high.
110 tonnes of Beaujolais Nouveau to Japan.
Crates of live crabs from Dhaka to Shanghai. The crates were plastic, the crabs escaped by snipping the crates with their pincers. There were crabs running all over holds and the ramp.
The Ferrari F1 team.
Armoured cars - listed as luxury cars!
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