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TBC, I completely concur with RT's philosophy towards risk, which is as I read it...

assess risk
mitigate risk
carry out the task.

Which is fundamentally the exact approach to risk which the vast majority of professional aviators will follow all their working lives, and it is sad that a significant number of leisure flyers do not follow this philosophy.

In this instance, the task in question appears to be life fulfilling...

As I have said before the sight of Greenland coming over the horizon on a clear day is well worth the very slight chance of death.
...which is as worthy as any motivation derived from filthy lucre

Indeed, it is my motivation exactly when I take to the hills.

The reason I write on this topic is not to be a killjoy. It is to counteract the b****s & and b*****t one finds on this subject from people that know no more than what they have read somewhere, with the experience and knowledge of a trained pro, who has spent a fair bit of time upside down, inside out in the oggin.

What people do with that information, is of course entirely their own choice.

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