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I am aware of several individuals, who left school with no certificates what so ever. One couldn't spell to save himself. They finished up on heavy jets, LHS, armed with U.k. licences.

Okay, got to comment on this. But I'll add my usual bit about dyslexia just in case it helps some nippers in the future.

Post war Secondary school. Teachers were cajoled, probably under threat of being sent back to the services, to teach us mud-covered scruffs.

No exam passes in anything whatsoever when kicked out at 14. My science teacher thought I was bright, but my written work was, well, utter bollox.

C&G one day a week for telly-mending got me nifty with a slide rule. About 21 YO started flying.

Flying was easy. IR scary, but only cos of the 50 quid a go stresses. 2nd bash on the CAFU Dove. Phew!

Now I was in the poo because the work, while not being that complex, was so extensive. Not many box-ticking exams then. Proper writing and big plotting and weather charts.

Struggled like hell but got there with picking up 'Partials'. Got a job hauling gear on a DC3.

Viscount. BAC 1-11. Technically easy - I could draw the entire electrics diagrammatic, but still couldn't spell, so had to be careful to whom I wrote what.

ALTP, OR ATPL. (I even had a SCPL) Was a breeze. I'd got the hang of exams by then and walked through everything except Radio Aids, cos I thought I knew everything about radio and therefore didn't study. They really hit us with Propagation that quarter, and masses failed. I couldn't remember a One-hop-E or a Heavyside anything. Knew how the aids worked but still just missed. Picked it up later.

America some years later. 6 hours to do the ATP. One hour, checked work and wrote a long note about why a performance question was wrong. (it really was wrong) I got everything but one question. I've always assumed it was that one cos computers answered the paper which I didn't know.

'twas a buggah, cos bloke at Boeing school in Dallas talking about the ATP said, 'And that's why no one ever gets 100%.'
That was a good while back. It's just possible, if I'd pushed the point, I might have been the first.

Okay, so that's the braggin' bit. But, I didn't qualify for BEA because of my schooling, and you may recall, I noticed the ad with the Trident on it, was for cabin Cleaners. I couldn't have got that job despite being able to fly a similar aircraft.

In fact, I didn't realise until I was old that I had something wrong with me. I always drove fast. Bikes and E-Types etc., all seemed to happen in slow motion. But asked to name a road. No chance. Just didn't register. The Rivetess used to cry with laughter at my letters. She learned to de-code them eventually.

Then there was the time in Shell Mex house. They'd got my passport and licence, and I'd got a form to fill in. I could not remember how to spell my first name. Buggah, that. Wiliam looked right, but so did William. I fudged it and no one gave a sh1t.

Years later I stopped eating cheese. For the first time in my life I could see a line of text across the screen. I started to learn to spell. (If I live to 100 I'll be fair) My brain could interpret the writing on a propeller while it was spinning, but ask me how many rings on a Captain's arm, and I wouldn't be able to tell - except it wasn't 2 or 3, which I could tell, so knew it must be 4. Any double letters, ll ss etc., were jazzing so much they never got learned. It was as though something in my brain was over-clocked like hell. I had no idea how different I was to normal people.

Instrument flying was totally relaxed, it was mostly text that caused the problem, though the parallel bars on gold stripes clearly didn't register properly. Again, those repeated parallel lines.

Now, here's the point. If you've got a kid who is not learning to spell normally, try cutting out anything with Tryptophan in it. Allow a month or so. To this day, if I eat cheese, it will affect me within a few hours - every time. I can't be the only one. Erm, can I?


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