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All you technically minded people and you don't know how to switch yourself off?

If you exhale into a bag, that gas and residual O2 will cause a reaction - you will fight to live. Exhaust gas? Ug! and the same reaction for a while.

The majority of gas you breath every day of your life will not cause such a reaction.

However, getting it in pure measure is seemingly quite difficult. They, the suppliers, are onto our little game and even balloon gas has air mixed with it to avoid liabilities.

Sadly, to toy with mortality has proved tempting to stressed and depressed teenagers - who are savvy enough to know the science. So, almost always now, there is an air mix.

Thinking of a cunning plan I eyed up aviation wheel inflation but I'm not sure lying on the tarmac with one's mouth over the valve of a main-wheel would be considered quite de rigueur these days and knowing my luck the aircraft would commence taxiing and I'd get me head run over.


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