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Originally Posted by InSeat19c View Post
The kid who didn't know where the Bay of Biscay was and had never had a chip butty should be fine once his balls drop and he's lost his virginity.
This is an incredible quote and it echoes the truth.

That cadet with the squeaky female-like voice will forever be challenged in this industry unless his testicles somewhat descend and he turns into a proper man.

He had no clue what a chip butty was, fair enough. But not to know where the Bay of Biscay was?

Firstly, he sounded English to me! No hint of Dutch in him!
Secondly, during the pre-flight brief, I'm certain the captain would have briefed him on the route and especially flying over the Bay of Biscay! It does indeed take up a bit of the route so the pilots would need to think about diversion airfields along that stretch in case of emergency...
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