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Originally Posted by InSeat19c View Post
Where is that airfield in / near Gatwick that they practise out of?
That was mentioned on the Monday 21st programme - it's nowhere near Gatwick, it's in the south of France (Nimes I think). Knowing how busy Gatwick is I was struggling to believe that they'd be practicing touch-and-gos there.

Re the editing - it was massively creative and of course what they show on the programme is not an exhaustive account of the full pilot training - to assume that someone hasn't done a particular manoeuvre simply because it wasn't shown is ridiculous. The editing itself was designed to give flow, not represent the actual course of events - tons of the external shots were not at the airfield that they were actually coming in to or departing and, for example, the training captain landing at Gatwick showed a nose shot passing over the eastern car parks followed by a call for the landing gear!
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