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I felt genuinely sorry for the poor guy when he looked out the window at the bloody sh view of Bristol saing "this is home now".
As for the "popped" CBs: not popped but pulled and pushed in a certain sequence to have the system reseted. Flight deck crew is not supposed to know all the hundreds of CBs by heart let alone the various reset procedures of which ones to pull (sometimes 2-3 of them), how long to keep them pulled and how long to wait after the reset to have the system restarted. Better talk to a mx guy who must know all this more or less by heart.
Chip butty: never heard of it yet (never wanted to to be honest although I had the pleasure to see an aussie guy eating slices of bread stuffed with chips and rice) but I quess one might become a good pilot without knowing all the strange things eaten in the UK with vinegar, rhubarb and such.

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