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I've lost more good friends to cancer than anything else, and I've just hit 45.

One in particular was a great mentor and friend. We would talk at least once a week, even if ever so briefly. Well it came to spring time a couple of years ago and I'd call him and leave a message, but didn't ever hear back from him. I figured he was busy, I was busy, so didn't think too much of it.
It got to the point that I became worried and had tracked down his employer when I received a phone call from a mutual acquaintance asking if I had heard the news......my ever so dear friend 'Big John' had terminal cancer and wasn't expected to make it through the weekend. And sure enough he passed on Sunday morning.

In hindsight he mentioned once that he didn't feel well and was going home early...and that was all he ever mentioned about it.

I still bitterly regret not making more effort to get in touch with him and I shall never understand why he didn't say anything to me about what he was going through. I guess I'll never know. Frankly it bothers me every day.

So if I ever get a terminal illness I shall let folks know what is going on. Maybe they won't care, but if they do they won't be left wondering what happened to me.

My mother in law was a very special woman who lost her husband to lung cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and beat it. A year later she was out walking and fell over. We took her to get an X-ray of her ribs just to be sure. Anyway the doctor walks in and states that there's no broken bones, but how was her treatment progressing for her lung cancer? We had no idea at all. The diagnosis was up to 6 months, it was already stage 4. Anyway her and her three daughters went on a week long trip to the Bahamas, they came back and she died less than two weeks later.
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