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You've been on borrowed time since about 1941! When you eventually pop off to valhalla you will at least know that the borrowed time was never wasted.

I've stared the Reaper in the eyes a couple of times, and while death doesn't bother me (much) the way I go does. It seems that as science has improved longevity the methods of going have got worse. Currently have a close friend with advanced Parkinsons, lost someone else to motor-neurone disease and know someone else with it.

My grandfather was relaxing with brandy and cigar after a good lunch when he suddenly stood up, said "shit! that hurt" and died from an aortic aneurism at the age of 92. He was gone in the time it took me to cross the room. My father died horribly from cancer. I'd like to go in a huge crash in a Gypsy Moth on a green English airfield in high summer, at the age of 103, but I suspect that may not happen.

However it comes, I'd like a little dignity left, a woodland burial with a walnut tree over me so that in 100 years a top class gunsmith can use the walnut to make beautiful gun stocks. (The last bit is actually in my will)

For those of you who have lost, and are losing loved ones my thoughts go to you, and I hope that although you may find yourselves alone, you are never lonely.

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