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I'm with SARE on this.
I don't mind when I die although I am not wishing it on myself. I have made sure my wife is looked after and am quite sure that when I am dead I won't know anything about it anyway - as long as it doesn't hurt. In case it does start to hurt I would like a magic pill to put an end to it all.
It has been said that "Nature rewards us for putting up with our life by giving us an everlasting dreamless sleep" and I am quite comfortable about this.
Why worry about what will happen after you are dead - did you ever worry about what happened before you were born?
I do know how some of you feel as I lost my last and well loved wife when she was 54 years old. My consolation is that she knows nothing about it.
Anyone who dies at any age, child or old person, knows nothing about it, it is the ones who are left who suffer.
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