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Don't talk to me about Architects, in the construction industry they were regarded as the lowest form of life.
True story, I installed some ceiling speakers a long corridor in a new crematorium, these were the common flush ceiling speakers one see all over in hotels and public buildings, spewing out background music PA announcments and such, in this case they were to play suitable somber music.
Very tall corridor as it happens,ceiling about 15 foot up, finishes job,comes back to commision and get them signed off, all the scaffolding has of course been taken down.
Twittering feckwit of a architect tell me he wants all the slots in the screws holding the speakers to the tiles turned so they all pointed down the corridor,I though he was kidding, but he weren't, you would need binocs to see the feckin screw heads I tell him, yes but I inspected them from the scafolding when it was up the ringpeice replies.
The trouble is such people have power, one had to comply.
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