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Really Mr Spork, you supprise me,the Phalanx Gun is a multi barreled radar controlled rapid fire autonomous defence weapon, mostly deployed on Naval vessels after those Frenchies sold Johnny foreigner those exocet missiles.
They automaticly lock on, and shoot down incoming missile before they hit the target, leastwise thats the theory, although one has seen a clip of a phalanx gun locking on to shooting at, hitting and destroying a incoming artillary shell.
The local councill have refused Drapes permision to install them front and back on Draper Towers, feckin planning officers,
One was given to understand that just popping off flares when one has a Sidewinder on ones arse was futile, one also had to pull some high g manouvers in order to prevent said missile deciding you are still a tastier target than the flares.
I don't think those 747 thingies lend themselves to high G break turns very well.
Plenty room in the arse end of a 747 for a tail gun though, the pilot will have to make sure he switches the buggah off when he's in a landing queue though, safer to have manned weapons.
This would of course creat a whole new carreer level within the aviation industry,
"How you earn a crust son?"
"Me? I'm a tail gunner for Quantas"

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