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Originally Posted by XMV6 View Post
Could you tell me..I have heard that Susi have bought some L-410. What is the present situation about this? Do they have started activities already?
I wanna apply to FO position on L-410
Thank you..
They have hired for, and filled, the six FO roles they need for now. You must have a locally issued licence to play that game anyway. With a $24,000USD (!!!) bond for the FO job, they are going to struggle to fill the slots anyway, so that may change.

They are also having trouble with validations being re issued after two years. Maybe the cash they are leaving around for the administrators to look the other way isn't enough any more.

Originally Posted by wings_atpl View Post

Can someone please confirm whether operating in a capacity of a First Officer Cessna 208B Caravan which is certified as a single pilot aircraft will be accredited towards EASA ATPL.

Could anyone please confirm if I could log the hours accumulated whilst at Right Hand Seat as P2 hours and if I can claim the hours as multi crew operation.

Many thanks
A quick self search of your local law documents might prove useful.
They are different everywhere.
I know the FAA will let me log towards total time because the COM and OPSPECS here require two crew for all operations.

Interviewed recently and got the job.
Have an account of the experience if anyone wants it?
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