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I am still trying to fathom what CAO 48.1 is trying to fix.
The old 48 seemed to work rather well, for GA anyway, include the Standard industry exemptions to it rather than the two yearly two grand fee to CAsA, would have been an improvement, everyone seemed to understand it okay and it was relatively easy to concoct a flow chart to quickly check if you were "Compliant".
The new 48 is a nightmare, especially when you have to move from one schedule to another. I have heard some PHD IT students tried to engineer an App. for the new 48 allowing pilots to quickly check their "compliance" but gave up after a couple of months, they simply couldn't make it work.
To be frank I get far more fatigued under the new 48 than I ever did under the old.
Fatigue has always been a issue since time immemorial. There are just so many disparities in its affect on different people and a vast number of factors that contribute to it that make it impossible to eliminate it entirely.
The new 48 definitely contributes to fatigue. Just trying to nut out if I'm legal, or not, wears me out.
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