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Originally Posted by underfire View Post
Yes, it is clear in the audio, requested and cleared for FMS Bridge Visual.
Again, I don't believe AC 759 ever 'requested' this approach. They were advised to expect it on the ATIS, told to join it by a NORCAL controller and later cleared for the approach by another controller. At least that's what I get off the LiveAtc.net tapes.

Can you provide a cite that says otherwise?

Your earlier post claiming planes were 'requesting' the FMS Bridge Visual 28R from the tower controller is total nonsense in my opinion:

Originally Posted by underfire View Post
I listened to the recording, they specifically asked for FMS Bridge vsual 28R, and were cleared to land.

Interesting, when you listen (to the recording in post #4 of this thread) you hear different requests coming in.
at 1430 you have a delta request 28R visual;
at 1705 someone requests FMS 28R, bridge visual;
at 1942, a delta asks for RNAV bridge visual 28R;
at 2110, you have air canada 759 request FMS bridge visual 28R.
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