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Time for a bit of an audit on the airline me some point the states will have to raise a hand and say "stop" lets look at this logically and see what the flying fairies is going here - a misfit bunch of types and crappy dispatch reliability that is in essence being supported by the local govt.

Aurigny is a good airline with a long heritage - and thats not a guarantee to success! but it sounds to me like people are trying to make their mark and failing miserably to understand the route cause of the problems or indeed the market they are meant to serve, along with failing to have sufficient knowledge of their routes / capacity / demand and operating costs versus demand and price point.

Who actually stuck their head above the parapet and said "yep i'll vote for us to buy some new Do228" that are effectively out of production a/c and uber expensive as they are the only a/c like a BN 2 mk3 that i can think of.... WTF!

You could of purchased two brand new EASA Let 410 NG i neither 15 or 19 seat config for the price of a single Do228 and had 100% better dispatch reliability, or two/three C208B EX Caravans.

Still odds are with all this moaning - it will, (we hope) in all reality be a small blip in the airline history and written about - but hopefully Aurigny will still be there when we all have grandkids.. Blue Skies!
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