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Originally Posted by emiliete1990 View Post
Good morning guys.
Newbie in this forum

Thanks for all the advice given. I have read the posts for the last few months and they are really helpful.

I applied in 2014 and failed stage 1 and now they told me that they are under policy review, so I cannot reapply until Feb 2018. I have a few questions if you don't mind.

1. Are the collision avoidance and strip management display tests still being taken?
2. how is the diagrammatical test? does it ask you for the correct output ALWAYS? or does it ask you for the correct input, operator or output?

Thanks in advance and good luck for those ones taking the assessments soon!

Hi! I can't answer your first question as i haven't got that far myself yet but with regards to your second question.. If i remember, the questions on the diagrammatical test can ask you either for the input, operator or output with increasing difficulty.
Hope everything goes well for you when you can reapply!
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