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Peace for our regulatory reform time! Again!

From CASA's Corporate Plan 2017 - 2018 with my bolding:
In 2017-18 we will:
* develop and commence implementation of the final tranche of regulatory reform
* develop safety performance indicators
* ensure all internal process manuals are current
* review our RPAS safety regulatory strategy to inform future regulation of RPAS in consultation with the Government, industry and the community
* continue the implementation of the Government's response to the Aviation Safety Regulatory Review

Over the following three years we will:
* complete the regulatory reform program
Note that "following" seems to mean following 2017 - 2018.

So the regulatory reform program will be completed by the end of 2021.

Even if that were true - it's actually male bovine excrement - just pause to ponder what an expensive hoax this continues to be. Another 20 million or so per year for at least another 4 years.

CASA can't complete the regulatory reform program. Even if it could, all of the hardest bits have been left until last, and some of the stuff that has been done is itself in need of reform. Ponder the mayhem wreaked by Part 61, which itself continues to be subject to review.

Applying the same unqualified people to the same flawed process will produce more of the same: Not much, and what is produced creates more mess.

By the end of 2021 Mr Carmody and MrC47 will be long-retired. I'd speculate on some sinecures - sorry key positions - in the Western Sydney Airports Corporation may beckon people of their talent. Imagine how many leaches are going to get bloated on that project.

It will be interesting to see in whose ear Mr Aleck will be whispering in 2021.

Just two quotes from previous works of fiction.

From Mr McCormick's "Aviation Safety Yearbook 2013" with my bolding:
Principal regulatory packages relating to the maintenance of aircraft involved in regular public transport operations, fatigue risk management for flight crew and flight crew licensing have been finalised, and our current schedule will see the remaining rules completed by the end of next year.
Wow! So all of the rules were completed at the end of 2014 - two and half years ago? Can't wait for those masterpieces to be implemented by the end of 2021.

Bruce Byron's confidence-inspiring evidence to a Senate Committee in February 2005 - over a fcuking decade ago:
We have an action item to develop a plan to forward to the the minister about when we plan to have them to the minister, and I assume that plan would be done in the next couple of months. I would be hopeful that it would not be long after early 2006 that most of the draft rules are delivered to the minister.
I suppose if the end of 2021 counts as "not long after 2006", Mr Byron's hopes will be realised.
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