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Their back door access to Sydney is via servicing a "Regional Port Destination"... ie Canberra.
Nil restrictions on Regional ports (Cairns / Adelaide / Canberra etc) but East Coast Capital slots are chocka-block (Anyone got the actual peak hour movements lately?).
QR have always been interested in increasing the Sydney or Melbourne runs and this is one way they can do so for Sydney. They already have the "Super- Guppy" going to both ports and want more seats!
White Knight - EK, Yes, for the early morning arrivals, in part due to exorbitant parking tickets in Sydney based on weight but it also gave them direct access to a lot of EnZed fresh produce as well as a slice of the very busy Tasman market and traveling Kiwis. Same with their aircraft out of Melbourne and to a smaller extent BrisVegas. EK tried to buy up a whole lot of very fertile agricultural land around Hamilton for a food-bowl project but the local Maori tribes said no way.
Do a little research to find out what agricultural land QR own in Australia and you'll be surprised.

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