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Originally Posted by TopGun54 View Post
Hi everyone, been following this thread for a while, thanks for the advice & information. I've recently been offered a place on the easyJet MPL route 1, and i've been sent through the contracts. Has anyone sought out legal advice regarding the contracts? I'd love to speak to someone who has, or who has already enrolled/completed the course.

My main concern is that i'm agreeing to sign a contract with easyjet, which would happen after course completion, without actually seeing that contract.
I got legal advice on the contract. It is a requirement to get legal advice if you are getting a BBVA loan as well (if they are still doing them?)

I was advised that the training contract itself was very vague and hence very risky. The advisor gave me several examples of scenarios that could potentially happen based on literal application of the terms.

Also in regards to EasyJet you will not receive any contract or even the basis of any terms and conditions until you have successfully completed the MPL course and have received a start date. For me this was flexicrew with APL, a CTC subsidiary, although flexicrew is potentially being removed soon. But this was the same for those that went directly to EasyJet on a European contract.

The reality for the vast majority of people is that you will successfully complete the training to the standard required and get a job offer/contract at the end, however the contract (and any prospective EasyJet contact) is realistically worthless until that time.
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