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Originally Posted by porch monkey View Post
Actually, it's pretty simple. HR and Commercial run the place. And most of them don't actually realise that they are working for an AIRLINE. Flight Ops finds out later wtf is going on. Despite the best efforts of some, who really are trying to fix the situation.
True... and it's an HR lot that won't sack anyone ever... you'd practically have to deal drugs or kill someone and be bodily dragged off by the Police and charged before they'd sack anyone... and things of this nature are dragged on for months and months and months with no regard for the affect on the people caught in the middle.

I doubt if you polled HR they would struggle to articulate what business the company is actually in... it's just a constant dribble of weasel words and putting off hard decisions by telling people to reach out to this person or that or that it will be dealt with 'moving forward'.
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