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Originally Posted by CurtainTwitcher View Post
Actually, a very famous author, Cyril Northcote Parkinson would disagree. You should track down his book Parkinson's Law. A highly abridge version HERE, detailing precisely why you always want incompetent subordinate(s).

He has studied the history of boards and cabinets back to the 12 century and this short book is a real treat,In short, a study in organisational dysfunction although no longer politically correct, with the final chapter containing such quotes as:
I haven't read the whole thing but I'm not sure I totally agree with him.

I do however see parallels in the current political climate... ballooning expenditure on surveillance, turning the country potentially into a police state (and frighteningly with that idiot from QLD in charge who obviously considers due process simply a nuisance) in inverse proportion to the threat.

Spending billions on agencies and super ministries for a problem that has been responsible for barely 5 deaths in the last 5 years in Australia, compared with thousands due to domestic violence. Where are the 70 pieces of legislation to combat that deadly threat... doesn't play well on the six o'clock news nor is it as good for manipulating people's fears.

So, I accept he had some good points. Not sure it applies here though in an airline environment where expertise is required to make sure the big metal objects stay in the air and don't make unscheduled return to the ground.
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