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Originally Posted by porch monkey View Post
No, the original assumption was that Alliance could do some, and the 737 would pick up the rest. That fell in the shit when "someone" pointed out that there wasn't nearly enough crew on the 737 to do that, and what crew they had was almost out of hours in any case. Then there was simply too much for Alliance to cover anyway. Lack of planning/appreciation of reality amongst many other things.
I think the point is, how does an organisation make these decisions THEN discover they don't have enough pilots/crew???

This is why it's one balls up after another because no one appears to make any attempt to dot their 'i's or cross their 't's... it's an 'end of your nose' and 'thought bubble' planning process... it reminds me of planning in a similar way to the way the drivers of dodgem cars at a circus plan their trip ahead... set off in a random direction then navigate by changing direction when they hit something.

There is simply too much evidence of this being the case at this point... Bali, 737, E190, VARA purchase/rebrand then sell half the fleet, end up paying good money to another operator to operate services when you had the aircraft to do it in the first place.

Been around the industry for 30+ years and I've never seen this level of ineptitude.

It's just very sad for the employees mostly who will maybe (hopefully not) end up at Centrelink and pay the price for this stupidity while those who were it's architects will jump out with a golden parachute and turn up elsewhere shortly afterward.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect seems to apply.

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