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Naverus is no more, they were bought out a few years ago by General Electric, Flight Effeciency services is the new name under GE
You are funny! (BTW GE calls is simply Navigation Services now, flight efficiency services has been dead for a while)

MITRE for lack of a better term has licensing authority over FAA software called TARGETS that is the basis for building RVFPS.
It can be used to develop an RNP AR approach, but only for preliminary work. RNP AR is too critical to be left to TARGETS.
They use the RNAV-Pro for RVFPS and RNP-Pro for RNP-AR.

2) The operator, with the assistance of the regional All Weather Operations (AWO) and the RNAV and RNP Group personnel assigned to the OSG, must assess the capability of the local DME infrastructure to support all segments of the procedure. The operator should use “RNAV-Pro” for this assessment.

The operator must also document the RVFP procedure on FAA Form 8260-7, Special Instrument Approach Procedure, with an amended title of RNAV Visual.

The FAA then puts the completed procedures into TARGETS to verify the obstacle evaluation.

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