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Originally Posted by underfire View Post
terpster, a few years ago, the FAA was looking at RNP AR to visual approach procedure concepts with Naverus. Are you aware if they were working on this concept with anyone else? Naverus was looking at this to get below the 250 HAT.
I haven't heard of that. If could still be in-house though. That would require some changes to criteria.

MITRE has been looking at RNP AR to LPV. That's been going on for several years.

Naverus is no more, they were bought out a few years ago by General Electric, Flight Effeciency services is the new name under GE.

MITRE for lack of a better term has licensing authority over FAA software called TARGETS that is the basis for building RVFPS. This is often issued to airlines who build them for their needs, SWA being one of the more aggressive ones.
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