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Originally Posted by ForkTailedDrKiller View Post
I have never considered flying an Auster to be a pleasure! The least favourite aeroplane in my log book.
Well, I have more than 450 hours in mine now and have flown from one end of the country to the other in it. I think I have learned a little about flying it but I know there is a lot more yet before I can do it right all the time.

Yes, it's a tad cramped inside. The heel brakes aren't brilliant. The flap lever can be a challenge for anyone in the right hand seat. The view out front is a little obscured until the tail is flying. Those bungees... BUT it can land almost anywhere. It actually flies quite nicely. It is forgiving in the air (but not on the ground). It carries a fair load. And it crashes really slowly.

Perhaps you just didn't try hard enough, FTDK? Or perhaps you tried too hard?

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