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Could I reverse my A330 in that situation? Yes no doubt, we've all played around in the Sim and done it before along with landing on an Aircraft Carrier, but it's not allowed and we are not trained for it.

But the point here is that unless we have a very good reason we follow the AFM.

If he made a mistake trying to be smart and make the exit quickly he'll have to suck up the consequences.......lesser of two evils.

1/ block the runway, delay flights and cop a bollocking from the boss but following the AFM.
2/ ignore the AFM, reverse the Jet like a C17 and not only cop a bollocking but quite possibly get the sack.

It's called ERROR recovery, we all make mistakes, it's how we recover legally and safely that matters.

If their company allow reversing then this thread is all a waste of bandwidth.
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