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Originally Posted by ACMS View Post
If you are going to go against the AFM then you'd better have a damn good reason.

If the approved AFM says:- "the intentional use of reverse thrust to back up the Aircraft is not permitted....." then you are a very brave Captain to attempt it nowadays especially. ( every landing can be filmed and on Facebook before you've done the parking checklist!! )

All Boeing and Airbus Jets I've flown have that statement, I haven't flown the 757.

So, is that statement in that Airlines AFM?
Originally Posted by ACMS View Post
Once the crew "stuffed up" making the exit and stopped, did they intentionally use reverse thrust to back their Aircraft, yes or no?
The answer appears to be:-- yes they did as evidenced in the Video.

If their AFM says "not approved" then they shouldn't have attempted it and can probably expect Tea and Bikkies with their Chief Pilot, especially since it's on YouTube for the whole World to see.

In any case maybe they should plan their exit strategy a little better at this Airfield!
Exactly ACMS, very well put
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