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Assesment Day feedback and suggestions

First of all guys try not to panic. I know it's difficult and believe me I panicked ALOT! But it's really not the case. If you're prepared it will be a very easy assesment. The assessors are VERY kind and make you feel at home from the very first moment!

The interview is very relax and it didn't even feel like an interview, more like a chat.

My suggestions are to go and do some 2 to 4 hours of sim practice before the assesment (depending on how long ago you did your MCC and on which type) I would peronally suggest uPilot. It's the cheapest I found and it's worth the money. His sim is nearly exectly like Ryanair's and the Instructor is very up to date with Ryanair's procedures.

Best of luck guys.

p.s I got a positive feedback the day following my interview

p.s2 prepare yourself for ALOT of paperwork if you are selected lol, it will be a very busy week.
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