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No problem 7E7. The truth is out there. Of course, Thomson is a good airline and in airline 'hierarchy' it is well regarded. In my own opinion the airline industry across the board has been the target of the mba community, not least pilot terms. Jet2 does not appear surprisingly to be over concerned about the lack of flying hours in winter. The managers are dare I say it pilot 'types' and are generally tuned into our concerns or so it appears. New aircraft appearing and the image courtesy of Jet2 holidays is gradually changing. To my jaded, not far from retirement eyes it really has been a 'breath of fresh air'. Including minimal political backbiting which I had the misfortune to have a ringside seat for in Thomson / TUI or whatever they call themselves this week. So before, the 'what about the hold pool?' wannabes get animated again let's take a compromise view in that they are both good companies and direct comparisons are not reliable. Of course the flow has been from Jet2 to Thomson traditionally but I suspect that will not be forever. Cheers.

ps in terms of awfulness they are both airline nirvana compared to Emirates.
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