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Originally Posted by Quasar2548 View Post
Bumped into a guy doing his recurrent in Ryanair. He had been at Thomson for 10 years and he could not stand the place. He said the biggest problem at Thomson was the appalling roster and never being at home. Says he's happier at Ryanair Each to their own I guess.
What a load of garbage! The short haul charter Business model has pilots home almost every night. Unless you have exercised your choice to fly the B787 which operates longhaul - then you will be away from home. Typically 2 nights away and then 3 days off. But it may be longer if you go eastbound. At present there is a list as long as your arm to get on the 787, so anyone who really doesn't like being away can easily transfer back onto the 737/757 and be at home most nights.
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