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Adelaide has SID/STAR separation of a sort to the East. The only reason to make an aircraft track via the SID is if there is somebody on the STAR. If direct tracking is banned the only reason we could take a flight inside the SID is if the SID track (which the flight does not have to be on) conflicts with non-STAR traffic. Giant leap forward.

The track GTH UVUPU WHA ABTOD goes where it does for two reasons, to avoid R265 and for practical separation with AD WHA WR. If the radar is working and the military aren't using R265 for testing either GTH or UVUPU DCT ABTOD can be given. Well, for now anyhow...

What I'm saying is, we can safely pass on efficiencies like this. The flights given DCT need more attention and discretion needs to be applied. The controller needs to use judgement, and not weaken when pilots like "The Rogue" bleat for DCT at every freq change or change of voice at the console. Everybody DCT and suddenly its really hard to figure out what happening...
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