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I should be fair to AUR & accept that any CI based airline is going to find it difficult to make a decent profit - the other one doesn't do so, either. The numbers of pax required just aren't there. But, this airline is being run for political purposes (Gatwick slots & Alderney PSO). Furthermore, The States seems to be totally unwilling to hold it to account, or to take any essential measures to bring it into profit. Until they do so, AUR will continue to haemmorhage taxpayers money. It has to be asked; what exactly are the benefits to Guernsey taxpayers of owning their own airline when they lose large sums of money on their commercial operations & have to subsidize both those & their Public Service Obligations ?
Also, why are the States of Guernsey so willing to throw money down the Aurigny drain , & yet refuse to find the trivial funds necessary to trial a frequent boat service to & from Jersey ?
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